Consultation and Studies

U.S. Power Consult has been providing an array of professional advisory services to the power industry. These services range from restructuring and privatization assistance, to the development of integrated resource plans, using the latest modeling techniques, to execution of power plant feasibility studies, and evaluation of advanced power generation technologies suitability to a given power system.  USPC can draw on extensive data resources and a diverse pool of experts in a broad range of technical, economic and financial disciplines. This allows a blend of sophisticated computer analysis and expert judgment producing recommendations that can be implemented in the real world.

USPC can mobilize multidisciplinary teams of senior power industry experts, financial and corporate strategy professionals, engineers, economists, restructuring specialists, regulatory experts, public communications professionals, and training specialists.  These teams can craft custom-tailored solutions for each business unit and enterprise in the energy sector based on unique competitive, economic, regulatory, and social factors. They can transfer their knowledge to counterparts in other organizations through technical assistance such as preparing analyses, papers, and reports, as well as by working side-by-side with their counterparts, and through mentoring and direct training.


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