Success Stories:

1. USPC Project Management & Advisory Services for Governments

USPC staff assigned to Government-projects technical management and advisory services, under Developing Agency financial support, successfully completed assignments (2012 - 15) in the following projects (Projects implemented by USAID EPC contractors):

2. USPC Support for Power Sector Loans & Grant Funds

USPC assists clients in obtaining power sector loans (typically for feasibility studies and plant construction), and grants (typically for feasibility studies, as well as for conferences attendance, training, and study tours) from multilateral banks, US government agencies or international financial institutions. Recent examples include:

  • Pakistan - ADB loan ($900 million) to Government of Pakistan Ministry of Water and Power for construction of 2 x 660 MW supercritical coal/lignite fired units at Jamshoro Power Station, Sindh province. USPC prepared the Feasibility Study leading to project approval. Total project cost: $1.5 billion (February 2014)
  • Iraq - Grant to Ministry of Oil (MoO) for MoO experts to participate in a study tour of the US petroleum sector and receive Inspection & Procurement Training preparatory to their procurement program for the oil sector (October 2011)
  • Vietnam – Grant to National Power Transmission (NPT) Co. for US orientation visit of NPT experts to became familiar with greater automation in transmission and interconnection systems (February 2011)
  • Libya – Grant to General Electric Co. of Libya (GECOL) for a GECOL expert to present their needs & plans for transmission expansion (220 & 400 kV), additional generation and EHV at international power conference (MENA Power Conference, Cairo, May 2010)
  • Iraq - Grant to Ministry of Electricity (MoE) for MoE experts to attend and present their needs on Safety Equipment and progress on Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) at international power conference (MENA Power Conference, Cairo, May 2010)
  • Yemen – Grant to Public Electric Corp. (PEC) for PEC experts to attend and present their needs for additional generation capacity at international power conference (MENA Power Conference, Cairo, May 2010)
  • Philippines – Grant to a major local power company (FirstGen Corp) for development of a run-of-river small hydro power plant (14 – 20 MW) for island electrification (2010)
  • China – Grant to a JV of associated major power groups and investment companies in China (Greengen Project) for a Feasibility Study of IGCC power generation (250 & 400 MW) with CO2 sequestration (2009)
  • Colombia – Grant to local power company (ISAGEN) for Feasibility Study of geothermal energy resources development for 60 – 200 MW power generation (2008)
  • Pakistan – Grant to Pakistan’s National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) and the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) for renewable energy development in wind power & waste-to-energy (2007)
  • Serbia – Grants to Local Municipality, and Electric Power Industry of Serbia for development of new gas fired combined cycle, biomass to power, and lignite to heat and power plants (2006).
  • Jordan –Grant to the Jordanian National Electric Power Co. (NEPCO) for a Feasibility Study of the 500 KV Aqaba-to-Amman transmission line and interconnection to Iraq (2005)

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