PAKISTAN Jamshoro Power Station Project: Feasibility Study, 2 x 660 MW Coal/Lignite Fired Supercritical Units at Jamshoro

START- COMPLETED:2013 - 2014
LOCATION: Jamshoro Power Station, Sindh Province, Pakistan
CLIENT: Asian Development Bank (ADB) - ADB TA # 8371

WORK SCOPE: Pakistan has abundant deposits of lignite in Thar (Sindh Province) but it lacks high quality coal. The nation has some of the highest electricity tariffs in Asia because it relies on imported oil for power generation to add to the existing hydro power generation and reduce power outages, which have limited economic growth. The detailed feasibility study was for construction of 2 x 660 MW supercritical-steam power generation units firing blends of HHV (High Heating Value) imported coal & Pakistani Thar lignite. ADB financed the USPC fast-track study completed in about 7 months. The Feasibility Study was the basis for Pakistan receiving a $900 million loan from ADB for project implementation

SERVICES PROVIDED: USPC provided expat experts and Pakistani national engineering support to conduct the following assessments as part of the detailed study to prepare the Jamshoro Feasibility Study Report :

  • Concept development .
  • Foreign coal sourcing assessments.
  • Pakistani Thar lignite use assessments .
  • Supercritical boiler steam parameters studies
  • Coal-Lignite blends studies for power generation.
  • Turbine & BOP (Balance of Plant) assessments .
  • Treatment of stack gases & plant discharges .
  • Plant cost & optimization of design parameters versus cost for use of design as a reference plant in future coal fired plants in Pakistan.
  • Preparation of Pakistan's Government PC-1 documents for the Ministry of Power to obtain formal project approval by Pakistan's Economic Coordination Council (ECC).

Jamshoro 2x660 MW Supercritical Power Plant (New) - To be sited next to old plant

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