Renewable Energy Study for Hong Kong

START- COMPLETED:    2000-2002
LOCATION: Hong Kong, SAR, China
CLIENT: Government of Hong Kong, EMSD

WORK SCOPE: USPC was a subcontractor and Advisor to CDM International Inc., Hong Kong (prime contractor to Govt. of Hong Kong, EMSD) in a comprehensive study of all options of renewable energy applications to Hong Kong to select the most practical options and, on this basis, devise a strategy for implementation

SERVICES PROVIDED: Based on its long term acquaintance with the Hong Kong power sector, USPC provided expert support in the following areas:

  • Review of the Methodology and Assumptions and Program Plan for the project.
  • Areas of technology focus in the studies included: wind power, photovoltaics, solar thermal, biomass derived energy, use of fuel cells and analyses of the interface between PV collectors and the grid.
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