Definitional Mission to Evaluate Jordan Electrical Transmission and Interconnection Projects

LOCATION: Amman, Jordan
CLIENT: USTDA (with National Electric Power Co. locally)

WORK SCOPE: The U.S. Trade and Development Agency awarded U.S. Power Consult a contract for a Definitional Mission to evaluate various electrical transmission and interconnection projects in Jordan. The main objective of this mission was to refine a number of viable electrical projects for further development. The original intent was to examine alternatives in power supply to Iraq that were congruent with the overall plans for the Jordan-Egypt region.

SERVICES PROVIDED: USPC staff traveled to Jordan and provided various assessments in the following areas: system analysis, potential exports of U.S. equipment and services that could be utilized in project implementation, and priority of the proposed projects relative to the needs of the host country; potential risks of the proposed projects; financeability of the projects; and likely sources of financing. Also, USPC met with key government officials, resident representatives of development agencies and multilateral bank institutions, international consultants, and selected private sector project sponsors, to conduct the reviews of the proposed projects.

Seven projects presented by the state-owned National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) were reviewed for further development. Projects reviewed included: 400 kV transmission line from Aqaba to Amman Area; Phase II of EIJLLST Project (Jordan-Syria Interconnection Reinforcement); Israel/West Bank – Jordan 400 kV Line from Amman to Zafit via East Jerusalem; Dead Sea Area Transmission Development Project; and 400 kV Interconnection of Amman East and Risha via Jordan-Iraq Interconnection.

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