LOCATION: Ankara, Turkey
CLIENT: USTDA (with various Turkish electric companies locally)

WORK SCOPE: The U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) awarded U.S. Power Consult (USPC) a contract for a Definitional Mission (DM) to evaluate Turkey’s renewable energy projects.  The major objective of this mission was to review a number of viable small hydro and wind power projects for further development.

SERVICES PROVIDED: USPC staff traveled to Turkey to review various proposed projects and evaluate their economic, financial and technical viability. Specifically, USPC provided various analyses in the following areas: potential exports of U.S. equipment and services that could be utilized in project implementation, and priority of the proposed projects relative to the needs of the host country; potential risks of the proposed projects; financeability of the projects; likely sources of financing; and review of new legislative framework available in Turkey. USPC performed a thorough assessment of the foregoing issues and provided recommendations on whether USTDA should fund feasibility studies to further analyze the selected projects.

Six projects were presented to USPC for evaluation. After careful review, the following three projects were recommended for further development:

  • 8.5 MW Karasu I Hydro Power Project by SAVK/ Bagci Electric;
  • 30 MW Soma Wind Farm Project by Bilgin Electric/Yapisan Group; and
  • 31.5 MW Mudurnu Hydro Power Plant by Soytek/ Soyut
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