LOCATION: Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine, Armenia
CLIENT: USTDA (with Government Ministries and private companies locally)

WORK SCOPE: The U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) awarded U.S. Power Consult (USPC) a contract for a Definitional Mission (DM) to evaluate several energy and power projects in Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, and Turkey. The principal objective of this mission was to review a number of selected projects considered viable for further development. USPC senior staff members traveled to Tbilisi, Kiev, Yerevan, and Ankara to meet with key private-sector project developers, government officials, resident representatives of development agencies, representatives of local oil/gas and power sector institutions, and resident international consultants, as well as to conduct reviews of all the proposed projects.

SERVICES PROVIDED: Specifically, USPC provided extensive analyses in the following areas: hydropower and transmission systems, potential exports of U.S. equipment and services that could be utilized in project implementation, priority of the projects relative to the needs of the host country; potential risks of the proposed projects; financeability of the projects; and likely sources of financing. Two projects were proposed for further USTDA consideration in granting detailed feasibility study funding. These were:

  • 640 MW Khudoni Hydro Power Project, Georgia;
  • 500 kV Transmission Line, Georgia.

These projects were selected based on the national priority, significant U.S. export potential, potential financing availability, and there being some foreign competitive element that is to be addressed by USTDA funding of the study. Separate confidential evaluations were submitted to USTDA for two other sole-source proposals presented by U.S. developers.

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