Clean Coal & Clean Energy Projects in China & Mongolia

LOCATION: Various in China and Mongolia
CLIENT: USTDA (with Provincial Governments and private companies locally in China and ADB for Mongolia)

WORK SCOPE: USPC visited field sites and met with government and private sector representatives to evaluate over 10 clean coal projects (IGCC, PFBC, CO2 Sequestration and Coal Bed Methane) and renewable energy projects (Geothermal and Wind Power) to assess their potential for feasibility-stage project funding.

SERVICES PROVIDED: Pre-feasibility assessments of ten proposed projects leading to the selection of five, which were recommended for further development. The selected projects from those proposed in China were: Tianjin 400 MW IGCC power plant with CO2 sequestration, New 700 MW IGCC power plant, CO2 Sequestration from Coal Bed Methane at Qinshui, Shanxi Province, and Integrated Coal Wash Plant with Coal Waste for power generation in Shandong Province. The Tsetserleg 4 MW Geothermal plant and District Heating system was recommended for Mongolia.

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