Consulting Services for Hong Kong Government on Monitoring of Electricity Supply Companies in Hong Kong and Related Aspects of Electricity Supply

START- COMPLETED:     2008 - 2010 and 2001 - 2004
CLIENT: Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), Government of Hong Kong SAR (USPC work was as subconsultant to SMEC, Australia (2008-10) and to Nexant Inc., USA (2001-04). USPC senior staff have been conducting these assessments for Hong Kong since 1990.

WORK SCOPE: USPC has been providing technical analyses for the Government of Hong Kong on the proper oversight of the two utilities in Hong Kong SAR: CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd. and Hongkong Electric Company Ltd. Both utilities operate under a Scheme of Control Agreement with the Government.

USPC was a key participant in the consultancy teams based on its long term acquaintance with Hong Kong and its specific expertise in power sector planning, plant operations, power & fuels technology topics, global experience in utility restructuring, in-depth acquaintance with advanced power systems applications suited to Hong Kong and knowledge of energy-sector structures worldwide. :

In 2008 – 2010, USPC conducted task assignments and studies for Hong Kong in the following areas:

  • Price Forecasting for Utility Fuels Used in Hong Kong (natural gas, oil and coal);
  • Development of Comparative Performance Indicators for a Hong Kong utility relative to Performance Indicators used for world-class utilities;
  • Economic and Technical Assessment of Nuclear Derived Power Supply to Hong Kong by extension of a nuclear power supply contract with a nuclear plant operator in China;
  • Gas Transmission by submarine pipeline from China (Dachan island) to Hong Kong power plant;
  • Assessment  of Foreseeable LNG Spot Prices versus prices for base load natural gas supply to Hong Kong

In 2001 – 2004, USPC conducted task assignments and studies for Hong Kong in the following areas:

  •  Power system engineering and planning;
  •  Demand-side management and energy conservation and environmental compliance;
  • Electricity sector benchmarking and market development.

SERVICES PROVIDED: USPC provided a variety of services involving power-and-fuels sectors technical studies, power system planning and demand forecasting, cost/benefit and economic evaluations, financial analyses and utility industry performance comparisons to benchmark Hong Kong utilities’ performance to peer and top performing utilities groups in United States, Europe, and Asia.

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